Using The Luggage with Apps that have spaces in their names

Recently when trying to build a package using The Luggage, I noticed that it would choke on apps that had spaces in their names. Doing some searching, I discovered that making it work is as simple as adding a custom stanza to the makefile for each app/file that has a space. The package I was making was a custom installer for RMU's new VMware View remote access system. It included Microsoft's "Remote Desktop Connection", VMware's "VMware View Client", a postflight scipt to write the "" entry to a preference file, and a custom welcome message and background for the installer.

Here's my makefile:

include /usr/local/share/luggage/luggage.make

REVERSE_DOMAIN=edu.rmu \ \
        pack-script-postflight \
        pack-resource-Welcome.rtf \
PACKAGE_VERSION=1 l_Applications
        @SUDO ${TAR} xjf -C ${WORK_D}/Applications
        @SUDO chown -R root:admin "${WORK_D}/Applications/Remote Desktop" l_Applications
        @SUDO ${TAR} xjf -C ${WORK_D}/Applications
        @SUDO chown -R root:admin "${WORK_D}/Applications/VMware View"

Notice that instead of the usual "" I used "" and included those stanzas in the Makefile itself. Note the quotes around the names in the chown lines. The pack-xxx stanzas came from the included luggage.make file; it's not necessary to reproduce these in your makefile, so long as the files don't include spaces in their names.

Hope this helps someone!

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