Installing Extensis Universal Type Client 2.1 with Munki

The postflight script for the UTC Preference Pane references environment variables not present when using Munki.

If you're planning to use the UTC installer with Munki, you'll need to modify the postflight script inside the following folder:

Universal\ Type\ Client\ 2.1.mpkg/Contents/Packages/utcoreprefpane.pkg/Contents/Resources

Here's my replacement:

#set proper permissions on the prefpane
sudo chmod -R 555 "/Library/PreferencePanes/utcore-prefpane.prefPane"

#This USED to set something in the /L/P domain to the user who installed it first.
#We're using root:admin as that's how things in the /L/P domain should normally be set
#set ownership of the prefpane

sudo chown -R root:admin "/Library/PreferencePanes/utcore-prefpane.prefPane"

Notice the removals of the environment variables at the top as well as the addition of the login item at the end of the script. You'll need to add the UTC Helper App as a login item for your users some other way. I recommend using MCX. 

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  • Jun 1 2011, 3:45 PM
    Greg Neagle responded:
    Note that the original postflight script doesn't always do the right thing even outside of munki.

    For example, it uses the defaults command to add a loginitem for the user who ran the installer. If you were to manually install this software under your admin login (let's say) it would add the loginitem for you, but wouldn't add a loginitem for any of the "real" users of the machine...

  • Jun 1 2011, 4:15 PM
    Mike Boylan responded:
    Yeah, thanks Greg. This was by no means a jab at Munki. As you helped me discover, the postflight script they're using is a crappy one. I'm going to ping our extensis engineer and have him pass on the feedback.

  • Jun 1 2011, 4:24 PM
    Greg Neagle responded:
    Not taking it as a jab. Just pointing out that this sort of issue has wider effects. Admins should always report these things as bugs to software vendors, but should not be surprised when nothing is done... :-(